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How to Integrate Siri in Third Party Apps

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology is on a wagon of wheels after when iOS App development company Apple has successfully launched its voice recognition assistant in year 2011. After some advancement’s apple announced integration of Siri with third party apps. Launching of this framework has abridged task of many android application development company UK to a great extent. However, this integration is limited only photo search, payments, booking and messaging apps. Eventually this list is further be extended after release of IOS 11 but Siri introduced added another feather in its cap. With help of Sirikit Apple custom Android app development Australia developers put out some functionalities that will quite complex as well as took care of controversial aspects. 

Mechanism behind Siri working?

Its quite ubiquitous to understand mechanism how Siri works so technology has big hand behind it. Basically, Siri worked upon on two technologies that is Natural language processing and voice recognition. Just like Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google assistant like Apple voice enabled feature called as Siri. It is ready to take command when you say something it will quickly analyse commands and brings results as soon as possible. 
One of the major reasons why fame of Siri gets enhanced at fortnightly, users want that searching a product on google is a typical process so they switched towards voice features to perform any task. With launching of new Siri app by an iPad app development company with customized features and it is also integrated with third party apps this makes easy for users to access the benefits of Sirikit. Whether it is purchasing any item for shopping cart or to pay monthly bills or rentals voice command features make your work done very easily. 
Siri Kit supports following domains:

  • Payments
  • Photo search
  • Climate and radio
  • Visual codes 
  • Lists
  • VOIP Calling
  • Workouts
  • Ride booking
  • Messaging

How to Integrate Siri in third party app? 

How to extend your IOS App with Siri? In the following discussion we arrive at conclusion to integrate app in a simplified manner.
Adding Intent extensions: We completely know that on ios app platform two apps doesn’t conflict each other run independently on their own. These features allow apps to interact with each other and share data. This comprehensive mechanism used by Siri is called as extensions. There are two extensions used by Siri are as following: -
Intent UI Extension: When developers urge to display custom view to the users then Intent UI extension comes to be functional. It has already default view so that developers can easily create a for apps a custom view. 
Intent Extension: It displays how Siri and its forthgoing application will cooperate with each otherthus it is crucial for extension and without extension it can’t be used.
Editing Intents: In order to process requests developers must specify certain words and add further information like as parameters, titles, descriptions, category and its types etc. This makes app work little bit easier and aids to comprehend which intent adequate for an app. 
Implement intents: All you have required to run on your IOS app with Siri Integration is that Siri must be enabled with an app ID. In order to make things functional you have to implement following steps given below:

  • Select an Intents Extension target
  • Make run it
  • Choose Siri, when Xcode stimuli the app to run. 

If you wish to know more about Siri then you may contact our team of Appentus Technologies and get our professionals to reach you. 

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