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A Brief Introduction to the AWS Cloud Computing Solution

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Introduction of the AWS Cloud computing solution has made it easier in the handling of data. Quite a decade ago, companies who were offering computing and storage services were mostly making use of their private servers. But they were often facing data corruption issues because of data handling and management. For cloud computing services providing company, this technology has made a great impact and started a revolution in the IT sector.

Storage and management of data can be considered as one of the main reasons behind the development of this technology. AWS cloud solution has more than 100 services which makes it efficient and effective management of the applications. It offers content delivery and management services by maintaining network speed and security. AWS Cloud computing solution can be considered as the best way to build and develop applications with efficient performance and fewer management risks.

What is Cloud Computing

Everyone who has been using mobile applications or web must have heard about cloud computing once in their life. In a simple way, it can be understood that cloud computing helps to store, manage and process data using the remote servers available on the internet. It helps in transferring data to It companies globally. The cloud computing company will look after the data maintenance work. One can keep their focus on their application to make it grow as much as they can. They don’t need personal computers or any other services to store their data.

Here we have discussed the three basic types of Cloud computing services that are SaaS, PaaS, and Iaas.

  • SaaS(Software as a Service)

One can understand this type with its name itself. Saas offers a software solution that is being managed by the service provider. In one, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of the software. The cloud computing company will look after it. It will maintain all the latest updates and features required to keep running the software smoothly. You only need to focus on your work to get better functionality.

  • PaaS(Platform as a Service)

PaaS offers better services and maintenance to boost the efficiency of the application. With this, you can get hardware, operating system and including all the infrastructure required for the development of the application. The main purpose of this service is to offer better deployment and management tools which can help in reducing the development time and boosting the performance of the application. A Cloud Computing services providing company can make use of this for efficient development of the application.

  • IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)

Infrastructure as a service can be determined as the most efficient definition, which can define cloud computing the best. In this it offers services that offer users to rent servers, storage space, etc. it can be considered to offer you full management of your resources with better flexibility and scalability.

Since we have learned so many things about cloud computing let us have a closer look at one of the most used cloud computing services often named AWS Cloud Computing Services.

What is AWS Cloud Computing Services?

Amazon has been providing computing solutions for very long and had become the pioneer of this market. In 2006, Amazon has introduced its own cloud storage which offers pay-as-you-go services that offer computing and storage solutions that can be used whenever required over the web. Amazon web services have around more than 1000 web services which can be used by cloud computing company for storage of data. These services can be better used for infrastructure management, application development, network security and many more.

Since AWS is an Infrastructure as a service cloud computing solution, it provides cut-edge solutions in the maintenances work of an It company. Here we have discussed some of the services offered under AWS Cloud Computing Services.

  • Networking:

In terms of Networking, AWS Cloud services have various features that offer better possibilities  of network speed, network security, etc.

  • Management:

For better efficiency and processing, a cloud computing services provider company can make use of AWS management tools that helps to manage the resources effectively.

  • Computing

AWS makes computing easier with the help of powerful resources that can help in processing the data at the cloud while working on the data at the same time.

  • Analytics

Better analysis of data can help in making precise predictions. A Cloud computing company can make use of analytics solutions to get more out of the data. Analytics can make your data speak.

  • Content Delivery

AWS cloud services offer content delivery globally with high transfer rates and low latency.

It offers data delivery to multiple users simultaneously.

With this, we can conclude that AWS Cloud computing services have a lot to offers along with its limitations which can be assumed to be overcome in the upcoming years. One can make use of these services to avail of better possibilities for managing and storing data.

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