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What are Latest Trends in the Mobile App Development Industry

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The immense growth of mobile app development technology in recent years has a great impact on our lives. They are boosting up the everyday task with automative technology that makes it way easier to process our work and improving productivity. Because of its usefulness and popularity among the people, the mobile app market trends keep on changing to provide more enhanced services. This quality makes it a great opportunity for the users as well as entrepreneurs to grab. Based on statistics, it has been reported that mobile app technology tends to generate around $189 billion US dollars. Experts have also claimed that it is the fastest growing industry among all the domains and it will grow more in the future as well. There is no sign of dullness in this industry. There will be a huge improvement in the mobile app’s future trends. To better understand the future mobile app development trends that we are going to experience this year, we have listed some of the top mobile app development trends that will create a great impact on the mobile app industry.

List of latest Mobile App Development trends in 2019:

AR/VR Technology: These are the future of mobile app development technology. However, this technology was first introduced for gaming applications but in 2019 it will not be limited to those only. Experts are working on this technology to introduce advanced technologies based on AR/VR. Even big enterprises like Google and Apple are also introducing AR demos in their upcoming designs. Many of the leading enterprises are using AR/VR technology like Snapchat and Instagram has introduced new filters that can turn your face into funny characters.

IoT: IoT is mainly referred to as the “smart things” or “objects” in our day to day is a combination of sensors, software, and electronics that are embedded in a physical object which is connected to the internet all the time. These all the components are interconnected with each other all the has made in the list of top mobile app development trends in 2019. Many leading enterprises like Xiamoi, Samsung, Bosch, etc. are already started working on this technology. Some of the great examples of this technology are google home, Nest Smart Home, etc.

Machine Learning: It is also recognized in the industry as AI technology. It has already created a huge impact on mobile app development technology. This technology has made its introduction in the form of chatbots in the mobile app development technology and now leading enterprises are using it, for example, you can take SIRI, that is the perfect combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. And not just chatbots the innovation of AI is offering various opportunities in other domains also. This signifies that AI and machine learning will have a great future in the mobile app development technology. It will make a great change in the mobile app’s future trends.

Beacon: Beacon is not anymore a new technology in the market. Many leading industries are using the beacon technology in their application and it tends to improve the efficiency of the application. The mobile app market trends have changed completely and the beacon technology is making this easier for the users to understand it normally. It can be integrated with other technologies to offer more opportunities for users. For instance, it can be incorporated with IoT to provide detail information about the sales and promos in their area.

Cloud Technology: In the list of latest trends in the mobile app development industry, cloud technology has made its place in there. People have now understood the benefits and the opportunities offered by cloud technology. It will not be that much costly anymore now. It has offered to secure the data transmission in the mobile app development technology which has been added as one of the keen benefits of cloud technology. 

The vast opportunities in the mobile app development sector entice entrepreneurs and enterprises to invest in this technology to enhance the performance and productivity of their business. So if you need any kind of assistance in this industry then you can contact Appentus. 

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