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Top 10 Latest Trends to look forward in Web Development

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As the Internet has been growing since its implementation, the web development services are also getting more sophisticated and advanced than that of the previous years. For any PHP development company in the market, what was trendy yesterday doesn’t mean to be the same today. Web development technologies are evolving at high speed as we use web for everything from shopping, to reading news, to make payments etc. Moreover, the web development industry is known for innovation and the following ones are the trends to look forward in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence/Bots

For any business, being connected to users is the most important thing. Chatbots created with the help of artificial intelligence and neural networks allow a website to be contacted at any time without having any 24x7 customer service department. The quality of chatbots will be the next web development trends to build up engagement with customers. In fact, 90% of the total customer communication will be done without human interference by 2020.

2. Progressive Web Applications

PWAs landed in the web development industry just before a couple of years ago and they have gained immense popularity owing to the behavior of the user. Moreover, have you ever wondered how much does it cost to make an app to fulfill all the requirements of any target audience? Therefore, most of the mobile app development companies in USA are proceeding to build progressive web applications as they allow users to enjoy the functionality just like a mobile app without ever realizing that they are using the browser.

3. Static Websites Generators

A static website is a web which displays the same content for every visitor. These kinds of websites are easy to develop, load quickly and require less user interaction. These websites do not require a database. All they need are the stored text files. Therefore, static websites generators such as Jekyll will be a compelling web development trend in the years to come.

4. Single Page Applications

SPA is a website that interacts with the user dynamically on the existing page without loading an entirely new page from the server. These applications avoid interruption of the user interaction between successive pages. The biggest advantage of such websites is its simplicity. There is no complicate endless menu navigation. Due to the simplicity of their design, they are increasingly warming their way into the hearts of web users.

5. Motion UI

The user interface has been one of the main web development trends for the past couple of years. Even the best designs are useless if the user is not able to find easily what he is looking for. Motion UI uses animated charts and transitions to show users what they are searching which actually entertains the user and eventually helps the web app to rank higher in search results.

6. BlockChain Technology

The blockchain is a method of decentralized data storage. All the information is kept on millions of computers, unlike a centralized server. Most of the businesses are implementing this technology to make their management transparent, to protect data through cryptography and to make trading and exchange operations as smooth as silk.

7. Push Notifications

Push notifications are the alert style messages which appear at the top or bottom corner of the desktop screen. These notifications are delivered on the user’s mobile or desktop screen every time they open the browser, irrespectiveof whether or not the user is on the website. Push notifications can be one of the most powerful solutions for an IPAD app development company to engage customers via informing them about special discounts, the company’s customer-centric activities etc.

8. Accelerated Mobile Page

For the past couple of years, the user base of mobile technology is rapidly increasing. Therefore, any website which performs equally well on mobile devices will definitely be in demand down the line. In fact, Google has sponsored the AMP open source project to improve the performance of advertisement and web content.

9. RAIL Concept

RAIL stands for Response Animation Idle Load. It has been found that websites which load quickly have better conversion rates and engagement with customers and this concept are associated with faster loading and better performance of the website. It helps web developers to ensure a good user experience in a short span of time.

10.Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR have completely revolutionized the way we interact with websites. VR technology takes you completely in a virtual world whereas AR technology enhances the user experience without disconnecting a user from the real world. Tech giants like Google, Samsung, and Microsoft are investing heavily in these technologies and by 2021 their market size is expected to grow up to USD $215 billion.

Web development industry is observing many changes every day like new frameworks, user expectations, and mobile developments etc. There is no doubt that web development trends are accelerating faster than any other industry. Therefore, it is very important for any Android or iOS app development company to keep an eye on these development trends to get an edge over their competitors. In addition to these major trends, there are some other web development trends like real-time web apps, lower development costs, voice search optimization, Google Map integration, image-related improvements, API-first design, image sharing, and functional programming also likely to rule the industry in the year 2019 and beyond.

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