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Anthem Announces The Launch of Personalized Health Benefits App and Engagement Platform

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The health care sector has developed several technologies that can serve mankind in a better way. They have diagnosed the cure for most of the disease and still looking for more possibilities in the future. Since the Mobile application development technology have also created their footprints in this domain, some tremendous applications have been developed that can avail users to get immediate updates about their health. These Digital health platforms are gaining popularity among the masses because of their immediate response and service.

Anthem, a US-based health insurance company has introduced a digital health platform for its millions of members to get easier access to their health information and the available treatment options. The app will offer the user to chat with a real-time doctor to schedule a treatment. The company has integrated with a Healthcare app development company to introduce an AI-based feature which will suggest using a potential cure based on the symptoms entered by user along with their medical history. They can also view the information of the patients cured by the doctor for the same symptoms along with their diagnosis process.

Carespree, the app introduced by the Anthem Blue Cross, incorporated with the digital health company K Health for developing the Health care app. This application will be available for both the anthem member and non-member with the same features. The anthem members will get some premium features for free while the non-members will have to pay some fee for features like video-doctor visits and to chat with the doctors. The AI technology introduced by the mobile application development company will take the healthcare records of around 2 million patients which are created using the last 20 years of healthcare records. Along with this, around 400 million doctor visit notes are also added into the database.

Features of Anthem Health Care Application

The app has to be launched this week and the probable list of features have been discussed below.

  • Update Information: The app will take the user’s basic information and medical information. This database will be integrated with the AI-Based technology to evaluate the diagnosis based on symptoms. This app has been developed on both android and iOS Platform. The iOS app developers team has introduced some primary features to make it easier for the user to access the available list of Doctors in their region.
  • Chat Feature: Developers have introduced the chat feature for the users to talk directly with the doctors and physicians to get remedies for their disease. The application will use real-time data to analyze the symptoms of the disease. With the help of this digital health platform, the user can schedule a follow/up with the doctor for further treatment.
  • Mobile Pay: Anthem has introduced the Mobile pay features for the user to pay for the consultation with their smartphones. This will enable the user to pay in advance for their visits.
  • Health Information: With this feature, the user can avail information about their symptoms. The AI-Based technology will process the existing data and then will create a diagnosis report based on the symptoms.

The Healthcare app development company has introduced some amazing features like Video Doctor-visits, in-person Doctor visits, Magnetic-resonance-Image scans, X-rays, etc. to offer better facilities to the user. The Wall street journal has also stated that the Anthem Insurance company has also integrated with top 10 Health Care provides which includes hospitals, digital health Platforms.

The app will roll out in the states of Indiana initially. It will start testing in the last week of July and will be available later in 14 states of its territory including big cities like California, New York, Virginia, etc. Along with this, the company will be launching its Personal Health record for its members this year which will hold the record of the medical history of the users along with their personal information.

The digital health care sector has broader possibilities for developers to enhance their potential. Many iOS and Android app development companies have been trying to dive into this market. The Carespree seems to have better possibilities for the users and seems to give a good competition in the market.

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