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6 Cool Ideas For Location-Based Applications and How to Develop One

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Many mobile app development companies are investing in On-demand apps as people are always in a hurry and they want to get served as soon as possible. These apps offer user to get any service when he needs it. This can vary from ordering food to booking a cab it could be anything the user wants. One common thing in these apps is a geolocation feature which allows detecting the location of the user to serve him better. Location-based apps can be also beneficial for generating revenue. We have a list of some cool ideas based on this feature.

Here‘s a list of 6 Cool Location-based Application Ideas:

  • Offers-App- This idea can find its application in various domains in the market. With the help of Location-based apps, offers can be created which will be fruitful for both users and marketers. It will provide a better way for the marketer to reach to the customers and customer can take benefits of offers. Retailers and supermarkets can advertise on the app, to let the people know about the offers running. With the geolocation features, users can locate the nearby stores and their offers to make a choice from where they want to shop depending upon the distance and best offers.
  • Weather App-  If you run a survey to evaluate the number of apps which people are using on a daily basis then weather forecasting app will be there on the list for sure. People have made a habit of checking the weather forecast before going to any place to make it worth, which means it will surely stand a good chance in the market. So don’t wait more and hire a mobile app development company to develop a weather app with geolocation feature to make it possible for the user to determine the weather forecast of current location instead of showing the forecast of the city.
  • Dating App- Developing a dating app with the location feature carries numerous advantages. You can allow your users to make a connection with their nearby people. You can also provide a feature to filter the users on the basis of distance so that the user can easily find the person he is looking for. Many app development companies are investing in this particular domain as people are looking for these kinds of apps.
  • Fitness apps: Fitness apps integrated with geolocation can be really beneficial for people who are strict about their fitness routine. They can track their route to evaluate the distance they cover daily. Many Android app development companies are working on this prototype to create chatbox along with location feature to allow the user to communicate with their fitness partners.
  • On-Demand apps: These apps are in trend now. Beginning your day with a fresh meal to ending your day with a cab to reach home, On-demand apps have covered a good market. While developing these kinds of apps geolocation has become a primary feature as it helps to determine the location of the user to provide service to him.
  • Travel app:  while planning a trip people have various queries about where they will stay, what they will visit, how they will reach there? And travel apps have become their primary choice whenever planning a trip. Adding a location feature along with it can make it worth more. So without wasting time if you want to earn a good amount of money then this will be the best choice. Ask an app development company to develop an app which helps the user to locate the different location and show the path to reach there.

  How to develop one:

 Most of the location-based apps are integrated with these four Google maps API’s. You can choose one from them depending upon the features you are required.

  • Google Maps API: This offers to display the complete map along with modifications in the color scheme, labels, etc. now it also allows you to create custom maps.
  • Google Places API: This will display around 1 million places stored in the Google database.
  • Google Maps Direction API: This will help the user to switch between available transport modes and ways along with the directions.
  • Google Distance Matrix API: This will help to evaluate the travel time depending upon the traffic and the selected route.

So these were some of the ideas which you can use If you are looking to develop an app with geolocation feature. Pick an iOS or Android app development company depending upon the platform you want your app to have and develop it as soon as possible and introduce it in the market.

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