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How much does it Cost to Make a Mobile Game App

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The mobile app revolution has transformed the gaming industry these days. Introduction of latest technology like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality has provided an altogether different experience to the game users.

Game app development has become the new money move for companies nowadays. Venture capitalists are investing millions in the gaming industry.

Moreover, it goes without saying that every other day a lot of games are getting viral and game developers are making huge profit out of it.

For this reason, whether it is an android app development company or it’s an iPhone app development company, all of them are shifting their focus to grab this hot market opportunity of making money.

However, before executing the app idea the, first consideration that should be taken care of is the cost involved in the development of the game. And the important thing to note is that no company or developer can estimate the game development cost just by looking at the idea.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to take you through some of the factors which influence the cost to develop a mobile game in a great manner.

Here you go!!!!

  • Operating System Choice

The very first cost deciding factor for any mobile game is the type of application platform which you are going to target. The platform you select will heavily affect the overall game development cost.

You can use any app cost calculator to compare the cost of development for various operating systems like Android, Apple, and Windows. You will find that the administration systems and payment integration in Apple are at least 10% higher than that of the Android platform.

Therefore, instead of launching the game on multiple platforms, try to launch the game initially on a single platform only.

  • Game Design

Perhaps, it is the most influential factor of any mobile game success. Proper plot and character designs play an important role in engaging users while playing the game.

For this reason, no matter how much does it cost to make an app, if a game lacks soothing animation, playful sound, and appropriate theme; chances are very less that a player will stick to your game till a very long time.

  • Development Complexities

Once all the pre-development activities are finished then comes the most formidable phase which is the actual game development state. It is the most complex as well as the most cost-intensive step.

And, mobile game development complexities can be classified as follows:

  • Mini Games

If you are planning to build a mini-game like Ping-Pong from scratch, data suggests that it might cost around $10K. Some of the games which belong to this category are Happy Street, Tap Titans, Creeps, etc.

  • Simple 2D Games

Well, most of the small budget games fall under this category. Mobile games which belong to this category are decent and offer great opportunities for user engagement and revenue.

These types of game can cost you around $20K to $40K. Example of such games is Red Ball, Hop, Zenonia, etc.

  • Moderate Complexity Game

These are the moderate complexity game and they are neither too complex nor too simple. Due to the medium level challenges and complexities, mobile games of this category can cost up to $100K.

Such games require unique gameplay features, brilliant UI/UX, multiplayer functionalities, etc. Doom & Destiny is an example of such a game.

  • High Complexity Game

High complexity games are usually funded by Venture Capitalists and require proper planning and professional developers. Developing such games need huge development costs.

However, they have a high-reward market as well. Developing these games can take somewhere between 1-2 years. Some of the popular high complexity games are Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, etc.

  • Post Development Activities

If you look at the play store or app store, you will find plenty of mobile game applications are getting added every day over there. For this reason, the story just doesn’t end post developing the game application.

Post-development activities such as marketing, promotion, player’s feedback, frequent updates, etc. share a notable part of overall development cost. So, make sure to use proper marketing and advertisement strategies to create a buzz and brand name of your game.

It is pretty much clear with the aforementioned points that there are so many crucial elements to estimate the complete game development cost. So, it is hard to tell the exact development cost before even starting the actual development.

However, games made with unity are cost optimized as well as time efficient because it provides game creators with all the required features to build game quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, do thorough research and collaborate with experienced game development company before building an awesome game.

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