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Why You Need a Mobile App for Your E-commerce Platform Growth

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Everybody wishes to have the easiest way to grow their businesses. Having more customers, better engagement, more sales etc. are the desires of almost every entrepreneur and business owner. These can be achieved by having a Mobile application for your business. Mobile app development has ruled over various domains and surveys have stated that having an application for has better conversion rates than mobile sites. Here we have discussed some reasons why applications are better than mobile and desktop sites respectively.

Top Reasons to have a Mobile App for E-Commerce Platform:

Users Preference: Surveys have stated that users prefer to visit a store using a mobile app rather than via a Mobile browser. People prefer these kinds of eCommerce platform rather than going to a store as it is more convenient and easy to use. Applications have a better way for this as people don’t need to remember a URL or any login credentials to access these stores. Along with this, they provide better security and faster browsing then mobile browsers. Mobile app development technology rolled in various features that can make it more effective for the users.

Customer Loyalty: This can be counted as one of the best benefits of having an app for your eCommerce Business. This can help you in engaging customers. Just imagine if people have your app on their smartphones, they are more likely to visit your store frequently rather than a website. Here is the list what you can do to achieve customer loyalty using the E-Commerce app development technology

  • You can make use of the user's last visit to show them the most relevant products or the recently viewed products.
  • Offers live chat support 24/7 to deal with our customer's queries and issues. It will help in building loyalty and trust with your brand.
  • Provide them special offers that can be only redeemed through the app. This will help in getting more downloads of the app.
  • Use the push notification features to let users know about the latest offers and deals. It will help in a better conversion rate.

Less Response Time: One of the utmost concern of any app development company is to reduce the response time of any app or website they are building. However, an app and a Website connect to servers in the same way but an application takes 10 times less data transmission with the server that a website. Since mobile applications store data partially on the device which makes it more responsive. Along with this application offers users to set preferences about the product they want to see which makes it more easier for them to locate any product.

UX/UI: Designing can play a crucial role in E-commerce app development as the user expects to have a friendly user- interface and easier navigation while accessing your app or your website. In the case of a website, it can be more complex as it has a wide approach that can offer to create irrelevant banners and buttons while in application these factors can be removed to provide less distraction to the users. This will lead to a better conversion rate as a user can easily proceed to the checkout process without any distractions and can often return to the store.

Better Conversion Rates: Stats have proved that mobile applications have more tendency to increase conversion rates than mobile or desktop websites. A unique design and ease of navigation can attract customers in a better way. The advent of the latest technologies in mobile app development leads to create an effective E-Commerce Platform. It has been recorded that the average order value using mobile applications is 140% higher than the mobile and desktop sites respectively.

Integrating Phone Inbuilt features: There is a lot more than just having an effective design and easier navigation in E-Commerce app development. The In-built features of users mobile can be integrated with your applications to offers users a more convenient way to place or receive orders. You can make use of these following features of smartphones in your Application:

  • GPS: You can make use of the user's GPS to eliminate the need to enter the address manually. You can use the location features to get the shipping details.
  • Microphone: This in-build feature can be introduced to simplify the search process. Users can verbally locate the product rather than typing the whole name.
  • Camera: Many applications offer users to share the products on their social media handles. This helps in better engagement with the customers.

Average Order Value: We have already discussed the average order value is higher in the case of mobile applications than mobile and desktop websites. Here we have listed some of the factors that you can keep in mind while consulting with an app development company to keep their most focus on.

  • Push Notification: It can be used to offer users special deals and offers for better engagement.
  • Easy Payment: Integration of payment gateways in the E-commerce app development can lead to effective conversions as it offers users an easiest way to checkout.

Having an E-commerce platform for your business can be way more beneficial to grow your brand awareness among people and to increase the conversion rates. Consider these factors to set your business goals and get an app with the help of an app development company.

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