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New Update iOS 13.1.3 Is Out Now With Previous Bugs Squashed

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With the latest update of iOS 13.1.3, Apple has squashed all the bugs reported in the previous version of the iOS. the latest version of iOS has been introduced with updates and improvements in the previous version to extract and remove all the bugs. People have been reporting several issues with the last version that are violating them to use their gadget properly. The latest update will have great features and functionality that will enhance the user experience and will solve almost every other issue with the device. iOS app development companies will have a great time here with the latest updates. They can now build millions of apps that can perform seamlessly across the iOS platform because of the issues resolved. Let us have a look at what kind of issues has been resolved with the latest update.

Issues Resolved in iOS 13.1.3 update:

  • The latest update will remind you about the call and any messages with the vibration and the ringing. This issue has been resolved in the latest update.
  • Now you can easily open the meeting invites and other mails without any glitches or errors. You can easily browse through your mails with the update.
  • The issue with the health app for the Britishers has been also considered in the iOS 13.1.3 update. Now they can easily sync their data with the health app and they will receive the correct data even after setting at the British summertime.
  • Now with the latest version of iOS 13.1.1, you can download the voice memos recovered from the iCloud backup. This issue has been completely resolved in the latest version.
  • One more issue associated with the iCloud backup is that the user was not able to download after the backup process. With this update, it has been also taken care of.
  • The latest update will allow you to seamlessly pair your apple watch with your iOS device without any glitches or error.
  • The issue of apple watch not receiving notification has been resolved in the latest update.
  • Now you can connect the Bluetooth of iOS devices with your vehicle and other gadgets without any issue. It has been resolved now.
  • With the latest iOS 13.1.3 update, now you can have a smooth experience while connecting with the Bluetooth headsets and devices.
  • Now you can install and run apps with a better experience as the bugs in the app launching process have been taken care of seriously in the update.

Hence we can examing with this that apple is very serious about the user-experience if its devices and gadgets. The latest update will also have great benefits over the iOS app development to provide a more enhanced user experience to the users.

Steps to install iOS 13.1.13 update:

You can get the latest update by iOS for the iPhones that are compatible with the update. You can get the iPad OS 13.1.3 if you have an iPad. You need to follow these instructions to get the latest update.

  • Open the settings and navigate to the general tab.
  • Now click on software update.
  • Now select the download and install.
  • Wait till its download and install automatically.

After completing the download process it will restart your device and done!

Now just wait for another update to get something more exciting from the apple community. With the release of the latest update, there will be various benefits to the iOS app development companies too that can’t be neglected. Hence you can connect with us if you need a piece of expert advice to develop an iOS app. We have been dealing with this technology for very long and we are known for the quality-driven iOS app development solutions.

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