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React Native 0.59 is now out with CLI Improvements React Hooks and More

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Finally, the day has arrived and 0.59 release of React Native is now out. The latest version of React Native is going to be very helpful for every app development company and for all the react native developers in the market. Therefore, without wasting any time let’s explore all the new features of React Native 0.59:

  • CLI Advancement

Command line tools are known as the system’s entry point for react developers. In the latest version of React native, the CLI has been improved via adding official support. Moreover, CLI tools have been transferred to a new repository. Therefore, developers can run command much faster plus log formatting has also become easier for them.

  • Introduction of React Hooks

The latest version of react native is blessed with React Hooks that is going to solve a variety of problems which were witnessed in the past react native. It will enable developers to reuse the stateful logic in any component without restructuring the entire component hierarchy. Moreover, it also helps to split all the related components into smaller functions instead of dividing them on lifecycle methods basis. For this reason, any app cost calculator in the market would tell how drastically will it lower the development cost? So, make sure to give it a try in your app development.

  • Enhanced JSC

JavaScript Core has been used in react native to power up the applications. However, most of the latest JSC features were not supported with the previous version of react native. But this latest native update contains 64-bit support, performance improvement, and JS support which will create a smooth path for app development journey, once you hire a react native developer for your firm.

  • Addition of Inline Requires

No matter how much does it cost to make an app if the loading time of your application is way too much then nobody would like to give it a try. Therefore, in order to avoid the app launch slowing down, this special feature of react native 0.59 will load all the needed resources whenever they are required. You can enable this option via going to metro.config.js file and selecting the option true over there.

  • Significant Changes

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the latest version of react native has also cleaned up android support following Google’s latest recommendations. As it used to result in potential breakage and runtime crash of existing applications.

As can be seen the react native 0.59 is rich in excellent features and functionalities. In like manner, we can expect some more advancement and a couple of more additional features throughout the rest of the year.

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