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React Native Releases Its Latest Version 0.60 With Accessibility Improvements

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React Native is introduced by Facebook is an Open-source Platform which offers development of Cross-Platforms apps for both android and ios. Development with React Technology offers a 40-50% reduction in the app development cost. Recently the team of React Native Developers has released the latest version 0.60 with some amazing features which include Accessibility Improvements, AndroidX Support, Cocoapods in IOS, etc. with the new update, the earlier developed application in React 0.59 can also use features to optimize the application.

if you are looking to Hire a react Native app developer then make sure he/she is aware of these latest updates. These developments updates can provide ease in the development of the application with increasing the performance of the app. React native developers have analyzed the feedback from the community and the Lean Core projects to introduce these updates in the latest version.

Here we have discussed the features of React Native 0.60

  • Accessibility Improvements: The new release has been introduced with various improvements in terms of accessibility. For an App development company, Integration with native technologies becomes easier with this update as it can directly use the available API for both Android and IOS. Here’s a list of Improvements which has been introduced with release:
    • Introduced missing roles.
    • For web support, developers can use the latest Accessibility States API.
    • Accessibility Info. announce For Accessibility will be supported in Android.
    • Integration of Callback feature that offers improvements in User-defined Actions.
    • Features for IOS includes, flag and reduce motion will be supported in the latest version.
  • New Start Screen: In the latest version of React Native 0.60, developers have introduced a new start screen that offers a more user-friendly interface with more easier accessibility improvements. It provides instructions to the user on documentation linking, editing App.js, alignment with a website redesign and starting the debug menu, etc. With an easier understanding of the tool, this update will make the development process easier and can reduce your expense to hire a React Native Developer to develop your app. If you are comfortable with programming languages then you can create your app on your own.
  • AndroidX Supported: React Native developers has been working for so long to overcome the problem to develop Native apps with AndroidX Support. They have developed a tool called “Jetifier” which is a transition tool and can be used for developing react Native Apps with AndroidX Support. It all started with the integration of React Native with AndroidX, which also requires the migration of Native Codes and Dependencies too. Due to this React Native apps have to use AndroidX.
  • Integration of CocoaPods with IOS: Development Of IOS projects with React Native will get more possibilities Now. for IOS, Cocoapods will be available by default now. Developers are recommended to use the “xcworkspace” file to open the IOS platform code. It is an application-level technology which is designed for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. Along with this, internal updates to the pods are also introduced like a specification for the internal packages which makes the code more compatible with Xcode Projects, improves the troubleshooting and debugging Process.
  • Lean Core Removals: The Lean Core project was introduced by developers to get the React Native repository into a stable state. On the basis of the reports generated by the project, WebView and NetInfo have been migrated into Separate Repositories. With the release of React Native 0.60, they have been completed removed from the react Native Repository. With feedback from the community about the new app store policy, the Geolocation feature has been also extracted.
  •  AutoLinking: For an app development company this feature will get them an easier way of development for both android and IOS. React native libraries mostly consist of platform-specific codes. This update will introduce the availability of codes for both the platforms. The CLI team has made some serious changes in the Autolinking features to make it more effective.

With these updates in the React Native 0.60, it will introduce easier development with performance stability. The team of developers has also introduced a new tool called “Upgrade Helper” to ease the updating process. This will increase efficiency and will help the developer to keep the tools updated all the time.

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