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How to Revamp a Restaurant Mobile App to Increase the Conversion Rate

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Food industry has made its impact very broadly over various domains on the internet. From providing groceries over the internet to ordering food online it has covered almost all the factors.

With this scenario it can be assumed that technology has provided very ease to life with convenience and better options all the time. With the growing food industry it has become mandatory for a restaurant to have a restaurant mobile app to make a stand in the market. With all the expenses like to get restaurant mobile app developers, app development cost, marketing it can be really a tough choice.

But this can be a money making machine too if you optimize the best features which will bring

More engagements. Once or ever it will surely hit your mind to partner with a business app development company to make it possible. We have discussed about some features which you can integrate with your new or existing restaurant mobile app to increase the conversion rate.

Things to remember while renovating a Restaurant Mobile App:

  • Online Food Ordering system: This can be considered as the first thing to keep in mind in the app designing process. Providing online food ordering can be fruitful in terms of branding and revenue too. Develop a user-friendly app where user can easily select what he want to order along with the amount and the time the order will take to reach.

Initially begin with a clear approach for the user to select the food from the many and allow them to see how the order will process. Once the order is accepted by the restaurant provide a notification to the user. Provide a better way to track the status of the order with a map to check the ETA. you can also Provide in-app purchase like subscription or offers to hook your customers. Hire a mobile app development company to build your app and to evaluate the app development cost to check its worth.

  • Table Reservation: Many times users might want to book a table at your restaurant and providing them with an automated system to reserve their place can really attract them. Within your Restaurant mobile app you can add a chatbox to get personal messages from the user to know about their arrivals and any other things they need which might not mentioned in your menu. You can offer them with some special sitting arrangements or may be a Special dish of your restaurants along with their reservation to attract more customers. Many business app development companies out there are creating versatile apps which allows users to easily navigate between different restaurants and to compare their services.
  • Payment Gateways: Payment gateway is one of the crucial and important things, which needs to be considered in the App designing process. To bring diversity in your app you should provide provision to the user to choose from multiple payment gateways according to their availability as people who are visiting your restaurants and the people who are ordering food online varies in various terms. One more term which will need to be considered is the receipt of the order placed. You can provide them a separate tab where user can get all the details about their past orders along with a detailed receipt of their order and transaction. Many restaurant mobile app developers has become efficient in this field now. You can easily find one who can develop your idea in real life.
  • Real Time Tracking: Outcome will ultimately depends upon the quality of the food but this is what you can do at mobile app development level to offer better experience. Online food delivery can be executed best with a real time tracking system where user can easily track where the order has reached along with an ETA to the driver to make it a successful run. Better integration of app is a must to avoid users to face any kind of issue or error while selecting their address or for the delivery boy to reach their destinations accurately. Best practice of optimization techniques will help you to reduce the app development cost.

So once you are done with the development scenario then look for the best marketing strategy to introduce your app in the market. Make sure to evaluate the app development cost using app cost calculator before getting in touch with a mobile app development company to being able to negotiate with them.

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