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Simple SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Rankings in 2019

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Looking for better ways to improve your SEO ranking?

We are here to help you out. We have discussed below simple digital marketing tactics that can lead to higher SEO Rankings in 2019. You can make use of these tricks to improve your website rankings on SERP.

Search Engine Optimization is the technique to improve the ranking of a website or we can say to increase the visibility of a website on the search engines. It has been reported that most of the online activities begin from search engines. Even multiple SEO ranking factors have been introduced by Google and other search engines to avail the best services to the users. Along with this Search engines also keep on changing their algorithms to improve the search results so to maintain the rankings you need to go through these factors.

Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors

  • Website Speed: Google has been using site speed as an On-Page Factors for ranking Website. It is one of the best tricks to land higher rankings in Google by optimizing your website reloading speed. Most of the user prefer those websites that take less than 2 seconds to load. Multiple ways can improve website speed like compressing the image, reducing plugins, etc. you can also connect with a web development company to get a precise solution for this. 
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  • SSL Certificate: SSL stands for Secure socket layer in the HTTP protocol. It offers a safe and secure transmission of data. HTTPS transmits the data in the encryption form to provide an additional layer of security. It also helps in terms of SEO as of 2017, google always warns the user before opening the HTTP site and it also prefers websites with HTTPS protocol as it wants to facilitate a safer environment for the users. If you don’t have an SSL certificate for your website then you should get one.
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  • Mobile Version: This is one of the key factors of google to rank a Website on SERP. Digital Marketing firms prefer to have a mobile website for a brand or business to ensure good ranking on google as since 2015 Google has started giving priority to mobile sites and there is no doubt about it because a recent survey has stated that 57% of the traffic comes from smartphones. So it has become the primary factor amongst all the SEO ranking factors in the list.
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  • Improve Engagements and Traffic: This is one of the off-page factors that help in improving the website rankings. It can be observed that Google prefers those websites that have strong user engagement. You need to track your audience to identify the type of content they are looking for and to engage users with your content. You can make your content more presentable by using images, using creativity in the beginning and easy to read. It can help in better SEO of your website.
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  • User Experience: Improvising the user experience can help you in more lead generation and conversion. If your website is easy to use and easy to navigate then it will eventually improve your search engine rankings. User Experience is one of the SEO ranking factors that avail better visibility on the search engine. You can use simplified design for your website or you can make the navigation easier. Including headings and categories can help the user to easily find what he is looking for.
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  • Content Marketing: “Content” is called as “King” in Seo. creating valuable and engaging content can be one of your strategies to improve user engagement on your website and it will eventually improve the SEO of your website. It is an off-page factor in terms of SEO. Apart from just putting keywords, content can also help you in engaging users into your website. It will require research about the market and figure out the topic about which your audience is concerned most. 
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  • Social Media Presence: Social media can help in improving your search engine rankings. It should be one of the crucial parts of your search engine optimization strategy as your social media profiles can help the customers to know more about your brand. Digital marketing agencies keep their focus on almost all the social media platforms to have better optimization. Valuable and engaging content on social media platforms can help in building authority for your website in search engines. 

With this, it can be concluded that you need to be very quick and innovative in terms of SEO to maintain and keep your website rankings high. You can also connect with a digital marketing agency to optimize your website. If you wish to start from trash and need a web development company then you can have us on board.

At, Appentus you will get the most optimized solution for your every concern because we believe in delivering the best business tools that can lead to optimum success.

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