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Top 10 Reasons to Develop a Stock Trading App for Investors

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People tend to make their investments in various ways. Some prefer Sock tradings while people with long-term goals prefer Mutual funds. Moreover, there is a risk element while trading through brokers and advisors. While a stock trading app can offer a better experience and returns. Based on the research here we have listed the reason to introduce mobile app development in the stock market.

Why develop a Stock Trading App for Investors?

  • Growing Number of Investors

The introduction of mobile app development in the stock market business can be the reason behind the growing numbers of investors and traders around the globe. It has been estimated that around 90% of the people in the USA are making their trades using online methods. Being able to secure their future is one of the main goals the teenagers belonging to the 30-40 age group. One other reason can be the broker companies are not offering fruitful services to the investors. These reports are evaluated based on the survey conducted by students of Frankfurt Universities to highlight the need for a stock trading app.

  • Lack Of Performance

By evaluating the records of investors who have hired financial advisors and brokers to invest in trades tends to receive 5% less revenue than online trading services. It can be a huge loss if you are investing with a long-term goal as you will get fewer returns based on your time.

  • Lower risk-adjustment Performance:

Some advisors claim to offer safe trading while investing in the stocks, while they have their own goals. This leads to lowering the performance of your trades and the returns you could get which can be better invested in app development cost for better results in the future.

  • Financial Advisors Transparany Factors

One of the crucial reasons behind the Stock trading app development can be the behavior of advisors with the traders. It has been reported several times by investors and traders that advisors are not offering an optimum solution based on the analytic data. While on the other hand, the trading app is offering transparency in terms of data to make the trading effective.

  • User Portfolio

There have been various issue reported by the stock investors and traders that they are not satisfied with their portfolio management. This can be better managed with the application. One of the portfolio management tools is Robo advisor which offers portfolio management and advisory based on the portfolio.

  • Offering privacy and Security

Sharing of personal information over the trade can be one of the reasons behind investors are less interested in trading. The mobile app development has come up with a solution for this. The app will offer security and privacy to your confidential information. This can be better performing by becoming a member of FINRA and SIPC if you have a US-based audience. This will boost the trust factor and help you build your audience.

  • Push-Notifications

The stock trading app will provide you real-time analytic data using the Push notification feature. This will help you to make an efficient trading experience based on the condition of the market. The app will guide you to make your transaction based on the status of the stocks.

  • Say No to Brokerage Account

This can be an advantage over the traditional trading method that users will not be required to open a Demat account for making trades. Stock trading app development will offer users to make decisions on their own. They can sell, buy and hold their stocks based on the calculation to make more profit.

  • Features of Trading App

Features need to be included in a stock trading app to make it effective for the users.

  • User Registration.
  • Real-Time Analytical Data of the Stocks.
  • Push Notifications.
  • Market Details.
  • Multiple Stocks Accessing Features.
  • Predictions Based on Conditions.
  • Statistics.
  • Currency Overview.
  • User-Friendly Interface

For better engagement of users on the app, app design needs to be very can be assumed that there can be many users who might have recently joined the trading market. Make sure you have made easier navigations and features to bring better understanding even for a newcomer.

Make use of the app cost calculator by inserting the features and other requirements to estimate the development cost of the app. It can be better optimized by building the app based on the features mentioned above. It can get you a good amount of money in return for sure.

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