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Blow Ltd Wants To Expand With Targeted Fundraising Over GBP 2M

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Providing better ways to communicate and connect, technologies have offered various opportunities for the entrepreneurs and leading business owners to expand their business globally. With the advent of applications, it has become way easier to get services whenever required. Applications offerings On-demand service getting a good pace in the market and allowing the users to deploy services on-demand. Business owners are making use of app development services to create a better medium to get to their audiences and to convert their leads.

Blow LTD, one of the leading On-demand beauty service company in the UK has planned to expand its UK based business. They are introducing their first International Launch with targeted fundraising of over £ 2 Million. The company has an app which offers users to book beauty services at their home. It has a team of professionals who offers services at home. It has its beauty bars in various cities in the UK which offer the best hair and beauty treatments.

The company is looking to expand its services using the Mobile app development technology. It has planned to organize its second equity crowdfunding round after three years and expected around £ 2 Million which will bring more members to the team in the core cities which includes London, Manchester, and Birmingham. The second round will be open for the people on Monday.

The company has maintained its relations with Unilever Ventures, the venture capital arms of Consumer goods. Earlier in 2016, the venture had invested in the company’s first Equity Crowdfunding round and now it has already invested for the upcoming round. Even the customers can participate in the funding by pre-registering their services. Joanne Thompson, the chief executive has also stated that the fund raised will help the company to create its imprints on the international market although they are still dealing with getting to the location. They have mentioned about their services and offerings they are going to have with their new openings. With these application development companies will also get a chance to integrate with them for better user experience on their apps.

Blow Ltd has integrated with On-demand app development companies to introduce more features and services in their apps. They have made use of data to offer services to the users which are beneficial for them. The company is looking to add more treatments and beauty services in their apps and making packages to offer multiple services at a single booking.

Joanne has added that they are looking to provide more services to the users in less amount. They believe that just like services offered in the form of packages in food and transports these days can be also delivered in beauty and can be more convenient for the user. She also added that three years ago, they were focused on blow-dry and makeup only while now they have ten different categories in their app.

Since the evolution of app development services is growing rapidly. It has been observed that half of the bookings operated on the platform are falling outside of the tradition operating hours of salons. With the collected data it can be evaluated that the traditional operators are giving tough competition to their online rivals. The mobile application development companies have to be more creative and efficient to engage more users and maintain the existence of the users.

The company has mentioned that the five’s beauty bars will remain consistent and they are not planning for openings at further locations for now. They have also mentioned about their 300% growth in Gross Merchandise Volume (GVM), which is calculated to evaluate the total sales value. In spite of department Store pre-pack administration earlier this year, their three stores located at  Debenhams haven’t shown any decline in generating revenue for them. They have added that with the help of app development services they have made their market wider.

The investment Director at Unilever venture has stated that Blow ltd. has provided a better medium for the consumers to connect with the beauty professionals for their advice and treatments. With the help of On-demand app development companies, it has become possible for people to get on-demand service at their home.

With the available offerings and services and with unique package offerings, Blow Ltd. is all set to dive in the market and to achieve great goals.

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