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Top Technology Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019

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Technology has become an inseparable part of our life nowadays. It has been assisting humans in performing almost every task and each activity for the last couple of years.

The growing demand for technological gadgets and mobile applications has created tremendous pressure on tech giants to bring innovation and agility in their respective market niches.

Moreover, due to the rapid changes in technology trends, it is vital for tech companies to be careful with its new equipment investment and research & development costs.

However, keeping an eye on upcoming technology trends can help a company to make the best budget and production plans whether it is an android app development company or an iOS app development company or maybe a web app development company.

Therefore, in this article, we are presenting you with the latest technology trends of 2019 which will be on the top priority of every tech firm across the globe throughout the year.

Let’s have a look!!!!!

  • Increased Automation

In the upcoming days, we are going to witness automation and robots expanding to almost every single technical process such as dealing with data, transaction processing, interpreting applications, etc. And the interesting thing is, that the automation in industries will not only enhance productivity but also improve the overall efficiency. Therefore, the lack of appropriate automation in your business may result in decreased efficiency of your company.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Day by day we see that the number of devices connected to the internet is increasing. Moreover, these numbers are going to get bigger in 2019.

The IoT will enable devices like home appliances, cars, digital machines, mechanical objects, and much more gadgets to be connected and exchange data over the internet. Reports suggest that the number of IoT devices are expected to reach 30 Billion by 2020. Therefore, it is high time for android app development companies in the market to develop IoT based applications to stand out from the market competition.

  • Data Security

Well, cybersecurity might not be a technology trend but it is evolving as fast as the other technologies are growing. Because implementation of the latest technology also comes with users’ privacy and data security concerns for app developers. In addition, no matter how much does it cost to make an app if it has security loopholes than it may incur your company and users millions of loss.

For this reason, cybersecurity will be an emerging technology trend which will defend organizations against cyber threats and frauds in 2019.

  • 5G Networks

By the end of 2019, perhaps every major metropolitan city and its nearby areas will have access to the 5th Generation telecommunication network. It will facilitate customers with high data speed, reduced latency, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. Moreover, 5G networks will provide a different experience altogether of using internet on mobile devices to smartphone users.

  • Edge Computing

When it comes to processing time-sensitive data with limited network connectivity, edge computing has become the topmost choice of developers lately. Edge computing is the way to bypass the latency which is caused due to cloud computing or data transferring to the data center for processing.

Hence, in the near future when companies will be loaded with tons of data to process, edge computing is what, which they will look for.

To sum up, it goes without saying that 2019 is going to be a year of new technologies and possibilities. It is going to bring a lot of innovation opportunities for development companies, be it an app development company or a website software building company.

Moreover, an app cost calculator can tell that investing in the aforementioned technologies trends can be highly profitable for your tech startup. Therefore, make sure to include these upcoming trends in your future development strategies and product launch planning.

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