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Top 9 Reasons to Use AngularJS for Mobile App Development

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The mobile app development industry is evolving with multiple app development languages and frameworks, which makes it a very tough decision for the developers to pick the best mobile app development framework for the application. Based on the recent statistics, the AngularJS framework is ruling the mobile app development sector with its feature-enriched framework along with multiple development benefits, which makes it a prominent development framework that offers easy to develop an application. So here, we have discussed some top reasons to use AngularJS for mobile app development.

Here are the Top Reasons why you should use AngularJS for Mobile App Development

1. Ease in Usability: One of the keen benefits of the AngularJS framework is it's easy to use because of its multiple elements, which helps the developers to build a quality-driven web and mobile application. Along with this, one more additional benefit of AngularJS is that one can easily modify the codes without the need of a developer, which makes it a prominent choice for the client. 

2. MVC Structure: MVC represents here model view controller, which is used to develop dynamic web applications using the AngularJS MVC structure. It provides various functionalities that help to build a fully-fledged application and saves a lot of time. We can perform operations like maintaining the data of the model, view the data using the display mode, along with the controller, which helps to manage the data between the model and the view. 

3. Use Modules: AngularJS framework allows you to work with modules that help you in dividing the task thoroughly between your team, which makes it easier for you to develop the application with ease. With this, developers can design and develop apps with modules to accomplish the goal easily. Once you have a command over this framework, you will be able to make the most out of these modules.

4. Flexibility: One additional benefit of AngularJS for mobile app development is that it offers flexibility to develop applications that enhances the performance of the use by improving the stability and functionality of the application. This results in improving the end-user experience. With the flexibility in the development process, you can achieve your desired results by making simple changes in the HTML and Java code. 

5. Modular Structure: One more prime functionality offered in the AngularJS framework is that it provides the developers to build an application by correctly organizing the codes in forms of buckets which are characterized based on the components, services, directories, etc. if someone has command over AngularJS framework then they can reuse these codes which helps in saving the development time as well.

6. Testing: With the help of modules, testing in the AngularJs framework becomes very easy. AngularJs developers can easily modify the codes by manipulating the required features in the application. They can perform Automation testing efficiently by loading the necessary services and modifying the modules. 

7. User-Interface: As we all know that to define the User Interface of an application, AngularJS relies on the HTML framework. It helps the AngularJS developers to save a lot of time in developing the UI of the application as HTML is a more straightforward language then javascript, which makes it a prominent choice to create the UI of an application. 

8. Data Binding: Data Binding features helps the AngularJS developers to maintain the features of the application in a more precise way. It offers two-way data binding that results in reducing the app development time by writing multiple codes to develop applications. 

9. POJO: POJO stands here for Plain Old javascript object, which can be used in AngularJs framework to easily manipulate the objects within the app by eliminating and adding the properties. Along with this, we will have command over the Object manipulation feature as POJO offers traditional javascript functionalities.

Hence with all these benefits of the AngularJS framework, we can consider it as the prominent choice of the framework while developing an application. But several other factors need to be considered while choosing the framework for an application. If you are confused about how to pick the best mobile app development framework for your use, then you can consult with the experts at Appentus technologies. They have command over multiple development frameworks, which helps them to make a precise decision based on various factors.

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