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Top Backend Framework for Mobile App Development in 2020

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The framework plays a vital role in the development process, As in the technology era, applications are getting more popular with every single day passing, and it can provide significant support in developing the frontend and backend of the application.this is the reason why developers across the globe make use of frameworks to build intuitive and scalable applications. Although there are various factors that you have to consider while choosing the best structure for your mobile and web applications. Below we have discussed the Most Popular Mobile App Backend Frameworks in 2020 that one should learn to build a high-quality mobile and web application.

List of Top Backend Framework in 2020:

Here we have listed the most scalable and robust backend framework that offers to build APIs and complete MVC frameworks of your app. You can pick them if you are looking to develop a mobile app as they can deliver excellent performance.

.NET Core: One of the main reasons why .Net Core is a part of this list is because of its versatility. This backend framework offers to develop mobile app games with creative machine learning technology to build a high-quality solution. If you are looking to create an app for mobile or desktop and need a robust framework, then you can choose .Net core. Based on the StackOverflow survey, Netcore is the most loved framework across by the developers across the globe, and .Net is going to be the most popular mobile app development framework by 2020. Other surveys are also conducted, and developers are choosing .Net Core as their most preferred framework. Hence, if you are a fresher in the development community and looking for Most Popular Mobile App Backend Frameworks in 2020, then this will be first in your list.

Express: Express stands in the list of best web development frameworks in 2020 because it is very easy to use and execute. It offers great functionality. It is one of the types of Node.js which offers to build features and functionalities for the website without hindering the Node.JS features. Express is very easy to use and learn, which makes it the preferable framework to develop scalable web development solutions. There are multiple plugins available, which make it easy to execute the task and to perform operations. You can easily set up your website on the Express and can build a highly responsive website. Node.JS tops the list of the best framework by stackoverflow, & Express is based on it. One more reason that makes it more interesting is the javascript. It is effortless to learn and execute the programming language.

DJANGO: DJANGO was introduced on purpose to develop more prominent applications that can process and execute multiple tasks simultaneously. This robust framework is based on python that covers almost all the factors of the development, and a developer could ever think of. Hence you won’t need to integrate multiple plugins in DJANGO to build features and functionalities. It is all available in it, and it works together. It is one of the reasons why it is stated as the easiest web framework in 2020. This is the reason Django is being used by leading enterprises like Instagram, youtube, google, etc. so if you are looking to develop a small application then it won’t be the right choice because it will build your application with unnecessary features that will make it of no use. More website which has been developed based on DJANGO are Disqus, Mozilla, Pinterest, etc.

LARAVEL: Laravel framework was introduced to build robust web applications that can perform efficiently across all the platforms. It has several features that make it the most prominent web development framework. It is an open-source library based on the PHP framework which comprises of command-line tools and helps functions to build exclusive web applications. Laravel is the easiest web framework that is based on the MVC design patterns and offers to make seamless connectivity to the backend of the application. The easy to learn and execute the framework of laravel makes it the preferred choice of developers while building a robust web application. It was initially introduced as an open-source library and got famous because of its creative interface and features.

Features of Laravel:

  • Template Engine
  • Customized CLI
  • ORM
  • Blade
  • DMS

To build an efficient web application, you have to measure various aspects to develop and optimized development solution. This list of the best web framework in 2020 will help you for sure. If you have a revolutionary idea and need some assistance, then you need to get in touch with Appentus technologies. We ensure to provide world-class development services.

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