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Any Idea When To Update Your iOS Mobile App

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Mobile application industry is rapidly changing nowadays. Every day new technologies are emerging, app UI/UX are improving, and some unbelievable features are getting added to the applications. For this reason, every iPhone application development company in the market is seriously focused on adopting these transforming changes in order to stand out from the severe competition.

As far as the new iOS app development is concerned, any iPhone app development company can conduct thorough market research about the app requirement before building it. However, what about those applications which have been released earlier by the company but now requires a significant change to survive in the market? Well, consistent app update is the method, to follow in such case. The most popular applications on the app store can be seen sending frequent updates to their existing customers. And even for a customer, it is extremely important to update the mobile app as soon as the company releases it.

Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss that when should a user update his iOS mobile app to save himself from any kind of technical mishap. But before getting into the when let’s focus little more on why? That why application update is so necessary for you?

Why does an App Update Matter so much?

Application update is an important tool, from the perspective of both, the company as well as the user. For a company, it is a subtle way of marketing and promoting its application, as regular updates will show that the company is committed to the maintenance of the application. In addition, an update offers a way for an iOS app developer to speak with his user base through the update notes. On the contrary, from a user’s persona, frequent application update will let you use its all features and functionalities without any inconvenience. Moreover, regular app security update will save you from any kind of potential cyber threat as well.

Now that we have seen the importance of application updates, let’s have a look at some of the inevitable updates for mobile applications?

  • Bug Fixing Update

Bug fixing is the most important update for you. Because no application on the app store is perfect, even though the best iPhone application development company in market thoroughly test the application before its release, still some bugs only come out when the actual deployment takes place. In addition, security of an application is the major concern for the app development companies as well as for the users. Therefore, never ever use a non-updated application which can cost you severe tangible and non-tangible losses.

  • Improved UI/UX Update

The convenience of using a mobile application is greatly influenced by its user-interface. Therefore, the app developers send regular updates whenever they find a better way of interaction with the users. Examples of such types of updates can be anything, like the animation of the opening screen, the company’s logo, and the style of fonts, etc. Hence, to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free app user interface always keep updated with the UI/UX update.

  • New Feature Release Update

The USP of any mobile application is basically its features and functions. And an app cost calculator will tell you that the total cost of application features development shares a great percentage of overall app development cost. Moreover, if any mobile application in the market is on the top; it’s because of its excellent features. So, whenever an interesting app feature is released in the form of update make sure to install it without any delay.

In a nutshell, it goes without saying that there are no such perfect timings for a regular smartphone user when he should update the mobile application. The app update is a combination of the aforementioned factors. All you can do is, that you can inspect if your app is showing any abnormal behavior or you are missing any special feature which other people are enjoying. At the end of the day, an app update is the developer’s call and it is entirely depended upon him and his team that when exactly the app needs to be updated.

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