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We Need to Stop with the AirPods Clones

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You may have encountered multiple products from android that may look similar to apple in various terms. Android has been using designs and development models of apple for very long and they have been delivering good products although. For instance, you can take it as copying the design of Notch from Apple to develop mobile phones completely inspired by the designs of Apple. While mobile phones are not just the only thing that is being copied. There are various other things that are liked by most of the people across the globe and android is always looking for something like this. I have come up here with one of the things that are getting multiple replicas of it and its 2020 so we need to stop with them. I am here talking about the Airpod Clones. We are living in the wireless era and the Airpod clones have to stop now. 

Wireless is the Next Big Thing

The initial concept of wireless buds was introduced by Bragii dash so we can say they are the sole responsible for the introduction of such great technology to this era. Hence Apple was not the first company that introduced it. In the middle of 2019, the wireless earbuds covered a great market place in the community although.

Recently one of the renowned companies, Realme also introduced their Wireless earphones which have great functionality and features equipped and can give a tough fight to the Apple Wireless Earphones. The realme Airpods sounds complete similar to the functionality of Apple Wireless earphone and it can be really difficult to differentiate between them as they have used the same machinery and for a layman, it can be a great choice as compared to the price of Apple Airpods. But this sounds to be a planned development that a mistake that realme used the same chip used by apple and it doesn’t seem fine.

Here credibility can really play a great role as it can be really easy to lose it but you have to work really hard to earn it. We can take the example of XIOMI that how long it has taken to grow its market place in the industry being a copycat brand of apple. It can be really tough to gain credibility where these clones can easily decrease your credibility.

However realme is not the only one in this game, I have been talking about it the most just because it has recently launched its latest wireless earphones but there are many can have a look at the Huawei Freebuds 3 or MobVoi TicPods, there are just alike the apple airpods. However, it’s now about just the designs, I am not concluding that the products are not good. They are doing really well and worked very efficiently. it s just about taking credit from someone.

We are living in 2020 and we have geniuses minds around us and i don’t think its really that much tough to create a more unique design than copying the existing one. Take the Sony WF-100XM3, as an example. It’s a great product with great functionality and features that go no close to the Apple Airpods in terms of designing and development.

We have been living in the updated technology era and various smartphone companies are coming up with great technologies that are even exceeding the designing level of apple. This should be introduced with the accessories of the smartphones as well. Especially with the wireless earphones as they are ruling the market place so it is must to have some unique and intuitive designs in the market.

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