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How Web Design Can Affect Your Search Engine Ranking | Appentus

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If people do not engage with your content because of your poor web designing.

From the questions on the Q&A forums, it is clear that this is a question that a lot of people such as a web development company or a software development company need an answer to.

In today's guide, we are going to go over how web design can make or break your SEO.

The truth is that your website design highly affects your SEO.

 If a person goes online to look for a solution to their problem and the result may lead them to your website.

But because of your website is too hard to read or complicated (poor design) they might leave or not engage properly.

They will then leave your site and return to the Search Engine Results Page to find a better answer for their problem.

This action is referred to as bouncing and it signals the search engines that your website was not able to solve their query.

If the search engine is Google, for example, the algorithm will be updated with those signals and your ranking will drop.

Here are some bad design mistakes you should avoid:


This can be very useful especially to promote offers or to build an email list but it can be a very painful experience for your audience especially if they can be easily improved or they have not yet had access to your contents.

They should be sparingly and they convert best after the visitor has spent some time on the website.

Unreadable text:

You need to be very careful when choosing a font for your website. If the font you chose is too small or difficult to read people will not stay long enough to try and understand your content.

You can use a readability tool to analyze your text to see if it will be easy to understand by your readers.


It is a very bad idea to allow your website to play audio or video tracks automatically. If for any reason you have a clip on your website that plays automatically, you should make sure that it is muted.

Files of Large Size:

It is not everyone that lives in areas where the internet speed is high. So if your website has a lot of images and videos or files that will make it slow. You might want to fix that immediately.

People always want a site to load quickly. You can always free tools inline to check your website's speed.

Below are some great tips to help improve your design.

Good Content Strategy:

Search engines mostly view keywords as text and not in graphic form.

The only search engine that is able to detect content in flash graphic form is Google and it only does this to an extent.

You need to take note of this when designing your website.

It is important to know that developing a good content strategy on your website design will help boost your ranking.  


Unless you have an optimal content to accompany it, there is no point in flashy designs or animations. As we started earlier, search engines mostly view content as text. Therefore a website with lots of flashy designs might be pleasing to the eye but will rank poorly on search engines. This is because there is no good content to target the keywords you wish to rank, for example, an app development company India trying to rank for app cost should try and put the keyword in their design.


This tip is more useful to people who know a thing or two about coding like PHP app development company. When designing your website, you should not only aim for content but your website code should be optimized for search engines.

When your website's code is easily read by the search engines, they will rank your website higher but when the code becomes too difficult and complex, your rankings will drop.

Design Language:

The design language you use on your website should make it beautiful and easily navigated. Currently, HTML 5 is very popular and sought after language that has been used to design a lot of websites and even that of brands worth millions of dollars.

A design language that is overly complex and difficult to comprehend by search engines will cause your rankings to drop.


It is not a smart idea to use graphics excessively. When used wisely, graphics can be very useful. Though you should avoid overuse of graphics, smart use of graphics is very helpful.

Infographics, for example, have been found to increase dwell time on websites which also helps to boost rankings.

Final words:

It has been seen that your website design affects your website rankings so you should be very careful when designing your website so that you can have good rankings.

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