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which are the 7 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2020?

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The web development industry is going at a great pace and the advent of the latest technologies in this industry is offering users to optimize their website in a more detailed and precise way. However, these optimization techniques even vary based on the development framework of the website. If we talk about WordPress then various plugins can help you in optimizing your website. So you have to be very selective while selecting the plugins for your website as various factors might affect your rankings in the search engines. To make it more clear to you we have discussed below the 7 best Wordpress plugins for SEO in 2020.

List of Top Wordpress Plugins for SEO

  • Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is one of the finest WordPress plugins for the SEO till date. It has around 4.5 million-plus downloads which show the efficiency of this plugin for WordPress websites in terms of SEO. Wordpress developers always make sure to install this plugin as it offers ease with features that can technically optimize an article. It offers you to modify your title, meta descriptions, and social sharing data related to your post. The features of Yoast SEO include keywords, redirections, content and many more. Along with all these features, it's easy to use interface makes it a prominent choice for the developers.
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  • All In One SEO: In the list of Best WordPress plugins for SEO, All in one SEO is one of the finest plugins which offers an easy to add and modify your title, meta tags, sitemaps, etc. this plugin was introduced in 2007 and it has around 2 million downloads till date because of its optimization mechanism. It helps to optimize your website content in the search engines. The immense popularity of this plugin is because of its easy to use features and functionalities. It offers indexing of your articles with its advanced tools and provides more addons at a cheap price then Yoast SEO.
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  • Google XML Sitemaps: Sitemaps are generally the structure of your website in a more precise and structured manner which helps the bots of search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc, to easily navigate through your websites which helps them to process the indexing of your website in a search engine. Google XML Sitemaps is one of the required plugins in a WordPress website to automatically create the XML sitemap for your website which helps the crawlers to easily navigate through the different pages of your website which is organized in the form of categories.
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  • Broken Link Checker: While optimizing a WordPress website, we have to take care of several things to make sure our website is completely optimized for search engines and users as well. Broken links can affect the ranking of your website in terms of SEO because of bad user experience. So it is advised to regularly keep track of the broken links on your website. Broken Link checker is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you in detecting the broken links on your website. You can use this plugin to identify the broken links on your website and can fix them manually.
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  • The SEO Framework: Apart from all these plugins mentioned above, The SEO Framework is one of the finest Wordpress plugins for advanced SEO optimization on your website. It offers an advanced setting on the WordPress website which is easy to use and free. One interesting feature of the SEO Framework is the “SEO Color bar” which denotes the optimization level of your WordPress post. You can modify the article to get a highly optimized WordPress article using this plugin.
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  • SEO Press: One more plugin in the List of WordPress plugins for SEO is SEO Press. It consists of various features that can be easily disabled and enabled depending on the requirements in your article. It allows you to set title, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, Open graph Support to optimize your content to the fullest. With the premium SEOPress version, you will get additional features like google news, video XML sitemaps, backlink Integration, etc.
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  • Rank Math: Rank Math is also known as the Swiss Army Knife in the WordPress plugins industry because of its sharp and precise optimization techniques. It offers you to optimize your website for both search engines and social media platforms.

However, various other plugins can be used to optimize your website depending upon the needs. But if you are a beginner in the WordPress industry then these 7 WordPress plugins are the best to optimize your website in terms of SEO. if you have been looking for a Wordpress development company that can help you to understand all the terms in detail then you can contact Appentus technologies.

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