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Cryptocurrency App Development

We are a leading Cryptocurrency app development company that offers to build a robust and scalable app to provide a secure and transparent payment mode to the users.

Appentus Cryptocurrency App Development

We are among the list of top Cryptocurrency app development companies that offer to provide quality services that can provide enhanced user experience. We have a team of developers who have expertise in Cryptocurrency app development technology to develop a fully-functional app. Our team has built various Cryptocurrencies mobile and web apps for bitcoins, ripple, Monero, etc. with the growing demand of these apps we have updated our software development model to provide and develop a reliable and scalable solution. Our team of experts has specialization in cryptocurrency app development and they can deliver a powerful app solution that can meet your requirements.

App Development

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency which is introduced to deliver a safe and secure medium to process the online transaction using cryptography. It a mode of encryption which is used to secure the data. In this era, Bitcoin was the first digital currency that was accepted globally and gain a huge success across all the globe. The currency was introduced to ensure a secure mode of transaction. It has become a path for other cryptocurrencies and has become the leading cryptocurrency in the market. Most of the organizations, banks, and governments are opting for the cryptocurrency app development to enable an encrypted mode of payment to ensure secure processing of money. Many organization has started investing in this technology, which is referred to as blockchain development.


Send/Receive Money

It can be considered as one of the key features of the cryptocurrency app which symbolizes the primary objective of the app. The app comprises of a unique feature to top-up the wallet using either card or bitcoins and more. This way they can send and receive money to their fellows and can recharge their wallet. We provide an easy to use interface to the users.

Currency Exchanger

this is one of the main features which facilitates travelers and students to exchange and convert their money to another currency at a reasonable charge. Instead of paying a huge fee or waiting for their turn they can easily convert their money into another currency without any hidden charges. This enables the traveler to easily opt for another currency where they are traveling. Being a leading cryptocurrency app development company we offer to integrate an easy to use currency exchange feature in our app.

Crypto Currency Development
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Transferring Money

This feature enables the user to transfer their money to their bank accounts or their family and friends. they can make online payments or send funds to anyone whenever they want through the apps. Along with this, they can also transfer their money to the beneficiary bank account added to the app. Since a cryptocurrency app allows to transfer the money in the form of digital money also like bitcoin or ether.

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This is easy to use an online restaurant app that offers to order food online in various cities of Iran. it offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to get their food from their favorite restaurant in no time. The chylyvry, won the winner of the best online ordering website and app. Here you can choose your neighboorhood and select your nearby restaurant to get your online tasty food.

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Dwizy is among the best online food ordering app that offers a convenient way to get the best food at your home. It offers a 24*7 service and can make your food ready in less than a minute. It allows you to locate your favorite restaurant based on reviews. It offers a geo-location feature that enables users to direct you to the restaurant. The main goal of this app is to provide you fast and reliable service in less time.

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Fidilio offers you to experience a whole new level of restaurant and cafes app, where you can check-in to different restaurants easily and can surely get some rewards. With this app, you can follow your favorite foodies to explore and visit new places and enjoy the meal out there. The app contains a list of more than 6000 restaurants and is one of the biggest directories of restaurants and cafes in Iran since 2007.

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