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Ethereum App Development

At Appentus technologies, we have a team of skilled and qualified developers who can develop distributed applications that can deliver great performance across all the platforms.

Appentus Ethereum App Development

Appentus technologies have been working in this industry for very long now and we have gain expertise in ethereum app development technology to develop highly scalable and robust applications. We are among the top leading ethereum app development company that is known for providing quality-driven services across the globe. Our ethereum app development solutions include blockchain development, wallet apps, ERC 20 token development, etc. that can empower the potential of the ethereum platform. We have a team of skilled and experienced ethereum app developers who can prominent solutions that can drive the performance of your business. We always strive to provide efficient ethereum app development solutions to enhance the user experience and productivity of the app.

App Development

Ethereum was first introduced in 2015 as an open-source platform which was based on Blockchain technology which offers to develop an application that facilitates smart contracts and distributed applications. This helps to develop an application with easy to integrate and offer a fraud-free transaction using smart contracts audits. Ethereum app runs on its cryptographic token called ether. The miner in the blockchain framework works to earn ether that helps to regulate the network. Ether has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in digital contracts. Apart from used as a cryptocurrency for trading, ether is also used by developers and designers to pay as their transaction fees and services on the network.

Ethereum Application

Role Of Appentus technologies:

The advent of blockchain technology has offered enterprises to set a new level of baseline guarantees. The movement of blockchain moving very faster these days and it’s providing a great medium for the users with a secure way to make a transaction. It can be very complex to build a fully-featured ethereum ap as the new path of cryptography advancement can be very challenging and difficult. If you are looking to dive into this market and need a perfect technological partner then you can connect with us. Our team of experts will discuss with you the primary requirements of your business to offer the best development solutions that will fit your needs. Our Ethereum app developers have expertise in the latest tools and technologies of the development which enables them to deliver a top-notch solution for your organization. With the ethereum platform, there are multiple ways through which you can easily make any service decentralized from centralized. Our experienced developers can design a decentralized blockchain app for your business that can deliver great user-experience.

One Simple Example of How Ethereum was developed

In the year 2015, Imogen Head a songwriter and record producer made use of blockchain technology by leveraging the ethereum app development framework to transform the modern music supply chain to an extreme level. It has completely transformed the music supply chain and avails a great medium. All the processes in the music supply chain were integrated with the Ethereum app development framework which has completely changed the controlling licensing options til setting distribution path, it has made the complete process transparent. Since there was no involvement of third-party integration, the technology offers a decentralized approach. This was just a glimpse of the beginning of the ethereum app development. There we around 87- Dapps build on ethereum till the closing of 2017.


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Induction offers an amazing platform for healthcare professionals to get details about nearby hospitals and clinics whenever required. it provides a complete detail about the hospital which will include numbers, extensions, door codes, etc. to make it easier to locate the specialist easily. It is designed with easy to use interface to offer a user-friendly environment to the users. So you don’t need to run after people now, you can simply browse through the app to find the desired person and can call them through the app.

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Medocity is designed to provide an easier and virtual platform for the specialists to connect with their patients and get prior feedback about their improvements. This platform is designed and develop with cloud-based services to offer seamless connectivity between the patient and the doctor to provide treatments remotely and to monitor the progress of the patients briefly. It is available on all devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

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This platform is specifically designed for enhancing the CME of the medical practitioners and learners more efficiently. The advanced digital technology comprises of rich medical expertise across the country with a single goal to enhance the quality of healthcare in India through continuous learning and practice. Interaction between experts helps them to learn about new possibilities in medical science.

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