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Appentus Technologies stands in the list of the top leading mobile app and web development companies.

Q. Where is Appentus Technologies Located?

Ans: The Development center of Appentus technologies is located in Jaipur, India. We provide our services in the USA, UK, and UAE.

Q. What type of services offered by Appentus?

Ans: Appentus technologies offer to provide mobile app and web development services across the globe. We are providing these services to enterprises and startups all across the globe
● Mobile App Development
● Web Development
● Blockchain Development

Q. What is the team strength at the appentus?

Ans: We are providing mobile app and web development services with a team of more than 100 associates which comprises skilled developers, intuitive designers, Quality analysts, project managers to craft a well-structured solution.

Q. How to get in touch with our consultants and sales team?

Ans: You can communicate with our experts through the following ways:
● Email:
● Call: +91 9116645020

Q. Who owns the legal rights of the application developed by Appentus?

Ans: We are a client-based company so our clients will be the sole owner of all the technology developed by appentus. All our development solutions will be the absolute property of our clients only.

Q. How do you ensure to provide unique development solutions?

Ans: Once we sign a deal with our clients, there will be a legal agreement between appentus technologies and the client that the technology we are going to work upon is the only property of the client. We don't make use of the technology or code of our client again. Along with this, there is also a legal agreement with appentus developers that they cannot make a copy of the source code to use it again. They are not allowed to take the source code out of the office premises. This implies that they cannot use the same source for another client.

Q. Why you should choose Appentus technologies over other mobile app development companies?

Ans: Reasons to choose Appentus Technologies
● Top-rated app developer on AppFutura.
● 99% Success rate on UpWork.
● Developed more than 3000 apps successfully.
● 100% positive ratings
● Money-Back Guarantee

Q. What will be your USP for app development?

Ans: At Appentus, our quality-driven USP model is composed of a skilled and qualified team of developers and designers who work enthusiastically for the concerned team only. Along with a project manager to ensure on-time delivery and quality that can match the expected development standards. With our exclusive services and innovative solutions based on the agile software development model, we have won many hearts.

Q. How much Does it cost to build an app?

Ans: The app development cost will depend upon various variable factors like platform, requirements, features, application type, etc. To get an estimate about the app development cost you can contact our team of experts. They will help you in detail about all the factors.

Q. How can I be sure that your company will provide complete dedication to our project for a timely delivery?

Ans: We truly understand your concern and the importance of time, so to ensure timely delivery we always make sure to work with full dedication. Our agile methodologies and teamwork have always helped us in achieving our targets on time.

Q. Will the app developed by you, work on different operating systems?

Ans: Well, this will depend upon the type of development our clients will choose based on their requirements. If the application is developed with the native framework then it will work on the targetted platform only while the app developed with a Cross-platform framework will work flawlessly across all the platforms.

Mobile App Development FAQs

Q. What are the types of application development services you provide?

Ans: We offer to provide all type of mobile app development services, which includes:
● Hybrid app development
● Native app development
● Web app development

Q. What is the approximate time-frame to develop any mobile app?

Ans: The evaluation of an approximate time frame to build an app is completely based on the type and complexity of the app that you wish to have for your business. To know more about the exact time frame you can contact our experts through the contact form. They will get back to you with a prominent solution to your concern.

Q. Can you develop an in just 1 month of time frame?

Ans: This will completely depend upon the type of app you will choose. In one month only basic apps can be developed easily. You can learn more about the exact time frame to develop an app by connecting with us.

Q. What is the general development process you follow?

Ans: Appentus technologies always ensure to deliver quality-driven solutions. To build highly efficient ap, our development process includes:
● Analyzing Requirements: To know better about the project in detail.
● Wireframing and Designing: building a blueprint structure to create an intuitive design.
● Development: Once we have the perfect design, our developers start coding to develop the final layout.
● Testing: We ensure to deliver high-quality apps with our QA tests.
● Deployment: After building an error-free Solution we deploy it on app stores or client’s servers.

Q. What will be the security measure taken by you to make my idea secure?

Ans: To ensure the security concern of your app idea, we will sign an NDA with you to assure the security of your app.

Q. Will you help me in submitting my app in the stores?

Ans: Yes, you will get full support from our developers to deploy your app on the app store. It will be a part of our development process to upload your app. We have successfully deployed more than 3000 apps on app stores.

Q. What if I will need any kind of modification in the app after it is launched?

Ans: Our mobile app development team will help you in making changes in the app once it will be launched. You will be charged accordingly.

Q. Will I get support from your team after my app gets live on the app store?

Ans: Yes, you will get full-time support from our exclusive mobile app development team.