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Privacy PolicyAppentus

Appentus Technologies stands in the list of the top leading mobile app and web development companies.

Privacy Policy And Terms

Appentus technologies always make sure to keep our clients and user’s information secure to ensure privacy. It will briefly explain how Appentus will make use of your data, so please note that while visiting and exploring, you are willingly accepting the privacy policy and terms discussed below on the page.

Here you will be explained how we will process your personal information provided by you, or what we manage to collect when you visit the website. So ensure to review our privacy policy regularly to make sure you won’t miss any update from us.

Collecting information from you:

To provide quality services to you, we may collect the following information from you when you are visiting our website.

● Reason to Visit Our Website:

under this, we will be retrieving information like traffic data, communication data, etc. to evaluate the purpose of visiting our website. It will be estimated based upon what pages of the site you have visited or what type of resources have been used. It will help us to provide an impressive solution to your concern.

● Information provided by you:

this will be the data you will provide voluntarily to us. It will help us to communicate with you efficiently.

● Data generated during the communication:

this data will be collected when we will be discussing your idea in detail.

Note: To ensure privacy and transparency, we don’t prompt to save any of your financial data like card details, or Bank account while processing any transaction.


Information provided by cookies will be used to enhance our website user-experience. The data collected by the cookies will be of the computer or device used by the visitor, and it will be only statistical data that will be used by our experts to evaluate the user behavior on our website. As mentioned above the data gathered will not represent you personally, so it will not disclose any of your details, and so on. If you wish not to allow us to use your cookies, then you can switch settings on your device to decline the cookies.

Use of Collected data:

One prime reason we have to collect the information from you is to provide you with quality-driven services every time. Apart from this, we may have the following ideas to collect your data:
● To provide you with the information, you have been looking on the website about our products and services.
● To quickly provide solutions regarding your issues with our services or any additional information about any other product or services.
● To let you know about the updates about our services and products.

You may also receive details about our services and products if you have been using our products lately as they might interest you. Along with this, if you have allowed us to use your information, then only we will provide the data to third-party to deliver the products and services you have been requesting. If this has been done by you earlier and you don’t want to receive any information, then you can withdraw your consent anytime.

Collecting Personal Information:

The personal information you will provide will be the remark of allowing us to access the report. We always ensure to take our level best efforts to make sure the data provided by you can be stored safely and securely. But apparently, the medium through which you will be providing information to us can be breached and can cause data loss. So the information and data sent over the internet will be at your own risk. We do not guarantee data security at this level.

Exposing Data:

We can ensure you that we do not sell or disclose any of your personal information to any third-party our services with your consent. We might use the statistical data collected from general information that does not represent any personal information with our partners, trustworthy affiliates and advertisers to manage the marketing campaigns.

Linking to third-party services or websites:

There may be chances that you might discover links of third-parties on the site. Even we may provide a link to third parties sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that we are endorsing them or allowing them to our visitor’s policy. We always make sure to check the privacy policy of the third-party services before sending any data about our visitors.

Updates in the privacy policy:

We can make amendments and update to this privacy policy anytime. If we have made any changes, then we will make sure to provide the updated data on this page. We even notify the visitors regularly to check about the latest changes on the page to let them know about the security measures we are taking to secure the information of our visitors. Hence, this will be your responsibility to check the latest updates on this page to ensure the modifications and upgrades.

Your Approval to Policy and terms:

If you are surfing through our website, then it means that you are accepting the privacy policy and conditions of the appentus site. Please do not use the Appentus website if you are not receiving these policies. If you are using the website continuously along with the updates to this privacy policy, then it will be taken as acceptance of those updates.

GDPR terms and Definitions:

Data Breaching

Data breach is basically the exploitation of personal information whether intentionally or accidentally. It can happen when you might be lost your data or get corruptedbecause of any hardware issues. You need to be very careful about these things and have totake prior steps as soon as possible. You can report to the issue to the ICO in this timeframe to take prior action.

Data Controller:

This will be a person who will be looking for an eye on all the data and information. He will be managing the purpose and reason for your sending the information online. He will be processing the information and operating the task on it.

Data Portability:

This service by GDPR allows users to get by their information using the data controller. It helps them to switch to other service providers easily. The data will be provided into electronic format and can be passed to another controller.

Data Processor:

on behalf of the data controller, a person will be handling all the processes.

Data Protection Impact Assessments:

DPIA ensure data privacy and security. These terms came into a role when a new service or technology is introduced.

Data Protection Officer:

A DPO manages all the operations of data security. He provides the GDPR terms and obligation to monitor the process. The supervisory committee will contact him first for any concerns. Companies and enterprises that deal with large-scale businesses need to hire a DPO to manage data processing.

Data Subject:

The person whose data is being processed.

Personal Data:

Personal data can be any information that can represent you in this world. It can be your name, number anything. Earlier in DPA 1998, it could be your name, address, and photo but in GDPR it can be anything which includes your email address, IP address, medical information and many more. The data that has been stored in the form of encryptionmay fall under GDPR requirements to make it difficult to decode the information easily.

Sensitive Personal Data:

These are somehow same as in the DPA 1998
● Political opinions
● Religious beliefs
● Trade Union Membership
● Health condition
● Sex life

Privacy by design:

In the GDPR data privacy must be a serious concern for the development of any technology. It must be determined that only useful information will be stored and processed that can be used to run the operations effectively.

Right to Access:

Under GDPR, a user has all right to get all the information of his personal data from the data controller. He can get in details about where and why his information is being used. Controllers have to provide them with data without any cost.

Right to erase:

User can ask the data controller to erase their data which is also known as “the right to be forgotten”
● Delete the personal data
● Data processing
● No third party allowance